How to Become an Air Hostess and career in Air Hostess Field

Full details of Air Hostess- Career and Qualification

If you here air hostess name then you remember plane, visiting people in plane and those beautiful girls who welcome passengers in plane. You will always remember in your mind those girls image.

If you remember those things and you also want to touch the heights of the sky then don’t waste your time.

full-details-of-air-hostess-career-and-qualification-jobisearch Fulfill your dream of becoming air hostess.Nowadays aviation industry growing so fast who give you so many career options every years.In future time many girls have dream of becoming air hostess. Air hostess is like professional job. This is not an easy job as it seems.

Maximum girls thought that in air hostess, selected girls travelling to new-new place and getting full makeup they welcome passengers by laughing face. For thinking that things maximum girls has craze of becoming air hostess. Air hostess job is not an easy job. In this job we have to face so many different types of passenger behavior as well as their safety. We have always talked with passenger with patience and with smiling face. It is very difficult task. In air hostess field we have to take care of passenger in their emergency problems. If you can handle this all responsibility then you can select this profession and move forward.

In all over India there are so many training institutes who train to become air hostess but for selecting in air hostess you have to look beautiful and healthy. It is most important for selecting in air hostess.

 Salary of Air Hostess

Air hostess is good for career and their salary is also good. In Air hostess you do work for some plane or flight. Your salary is depends on your plane. But in air hostess field you will get 16,000 to 25,000 per month. If you are experienced air hostess then you will get 75,000 per month. Foreign Airlines companies give 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh per month for their employees.

Age Limit for Air Hostess

For getting job in air hostess your age should be in between 18 to 25 years. In these age candidate should complete their 12th class or graduation.

Things should be Remembered While Becoming Air Hostess

  • For becoming air hostess you have to pass 12th class. It is compulsory.
  • You have to know 2 or more than 2 languages. You want to say clear pronunciation of word and you want to say English easily and you have to understand English easily.
  • Your communication skill should be good.
  • Your face color should be clear and beautiful.
  • Indian passport is also necessary.
  • Health should be good according to height.
  • Physical fitness is also important.
  • Pleasant personality is also important.
  • Patience should be required in hard situation.
  • Height should be 5 cm and eye sight should be 6/6.
  • Age limit to becoming air hostess is 18-25 year.
  • Physical appearance is also important, so always take care of your physical appearance.
Best Air Hostess Training Institutes in India
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • All India Institute of Aeronautics, Dehradun
  • Kingfisher Training Academy (KTA), Mumbai
  • Air Hostess Academy (AHA) (multiple cities)
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (multiple cities)
  • Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy
  • Universal Aviation Academy (UAA) Chennai
  • Jet Aviation Academy
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (IGIA)
  • Wings Airline Academy
Certificate Course for Air Hostess
  • Air Hostess training (certification)
  • Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant (certification)
  • Flight Purser (certification)
  • Aviation Management and Hospitality (certification)
  • Aviation Customer Service (certification)
  • Airlines Hospitality (certification)
  • Hospitality and Air travel Management (certification)
  • Airline Passenger Service (certification)

Diploma Courses for Air Hostess

  • Diploma in Air Hostess training
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant training
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Aviation Customer Care
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • PG Diploma in International Airline and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Degree Courses for Air Hostess

  • Sc. in Air Hostess training
  • Sc. Aviation
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  • Degree in International Airline and Travel Management

Career in Air Hostess

If your dream is becoming air hostess and you are interested in air hostess field, then it is important that you have capable for doing work for long time. If some 3 passenger asked same question in so many times they you have to answer these questions in patience. Now air hostess future looks so bright because of foreign assistance.

Nowadays, many airline companies are making their business boom. That’s why there are so many demands of air hostess. If you complete your air hostess course that you can apply for some private and government airlines like Air India, kingfisher, Indian Air Lines, Spice Jet, Sahara, Jet Airways and British Airways.

Question Answer Related to Air Hostess

Question 1- What educational qualification is required for becoming air hostess?

Answer- For becoming Air hostess you should complete 12th class or graduation.

Question 2- What is age limit for becoming air hostess?

Answer- For becoming air hostess you should have age between 18-25 years.

Question 3What is Salary of air hostess?

Answer- Air hostess has 16,000 to 25,000 salaries per month.