How to concentrate on studies and get high marks on exam

How to focus only on studies during exam

how-to-focus-only-on-studies-during-exam-jobisearchNowadays every student wants to come on the top of the class but the problem is that they can’t study more than one or two hours. This problem comes to every student. For solving this problem here some tips are given to you. This will help you to increasing your focus time 2-3 hours.

Keep in mind that thing while studying

1- Always sit on the chair while studying. Do not lie on the bed while studying. If you lie on the bed while studying then sleep will come to you.

2- Always read on that place where no noise will come.

3- Close television, radio and music while studying.

4- Always switch off or take your mobile on silent mode while studying because one ring will distract your mind. Keep away mobile from you while studying.

5- Think about the particular subject which you want to read before studying. Do not read all subjects together.

6- Try to understand all the matter. Rote learning is bad.

7- Always discuss your chapters to your friends. Group discussion is good.

8- Some topics are very hard to learn. Make short note of these topics. These notes will help you in your exam.

9- Revise a chapter at least 2-3 times.

10- You can read with the help of graph, drawing and maps. You can learn all the things by these tips.

How to pay attention on study

Select secluded place while studying- Select that place where no noise is coming. Go that place where voice of T.V. and radio will not come. Use a comfortable chair while studying. Study on that place where light is comfortable for you.

Take near all the accessories which are necessary for study- While you are studying take all the accessories of studies near to you. Do not go from your place again and again while studying, this will disturb you. May be this is impossible to make your mind for study again.

Do study with an intelligent classmate- If possible then invite a friend in home who is intelligent in your class. You both can make your study interesting and competitive. If there is any competition between two people then more interest will come on that thing.

Keep away the mobile from you while studying- This is very important to keep away the mobile while studying. If you are reading any topic very carefully and ringtone started ringing then your concentration will move from study. That is why always keep mobile in silent mode or in airplane mode while studying.

Set background music low- Some people love to listen music while study. Listening music is not a bad thing but there are some rules for listening music. If you want to listen music while study then keep the volume low on that time. Always play that music which lyrics are not learned because sometime you started singing while study.

Take a break while studying- Make time table for study. If 30-60 minutes are complete in reading the books then take break of 5-10 minutes. Continuously reading is not good for your mind as well as heath also.