How to take advantage of prime minister’s skills development plan

Full detail of Prime minister’s skills development plan

full-detail-of-prime-ministers-skills-development-plan-jobisearchAfter “Digital India” and “Make in India”, the Prime minister “Mr. Narendra Modi” launched a new plan which is called “Skilled India” or “Skill development”. This plan has objective of emphasis the skill of youths in such a way so that they get employment, giving employment to those people who have talent but they have no opportunity to show it.

Provide training and support to traditional occupation like carpenters, cobblers, welders, blacksmiths, masons, nurse, tailors, weavers etc. Here youth who are jobless, college and school dropouts, along with educated ones, from rural and urban areas, all will be given value addition. Certificates will be issued to those who complete a particular skill.

What are the features of Prime minister’s skill development plan

Features of Prime minister’s skill development plan are as follows-

1- In this skill development plan, if any third person or institute which provide training will join this plan then it will be counted in international standard from which trainee get good training.

2- Which institute or agency gives training to others, government gave him target according to people’s requirement. Like which training is given in which district in which state.

3- Training will be given to people in Prime minister’s skill development plan by keeping in mind all the operated campaign, plans like Make in India, National solar mission, swacchh bhaarat etc.

4- A special attention will be paid after 10th and 12th and on eastern people and on youngster of Jammu-Kashmir.

5- Under skill development plan work provided to those people who knows the work but do not have any proof.

6- Under this skill development plan, correction will be done in the courses of training. Every person will get training related to soft skill, personal development, cleanness, good work and good behavior.

How to apply for Prime minister’s skill development plan

1- For applying in Prime minister’s skill development plan, first go to official website PMVKY.

2- Then go to find a center option.

3- After that filter your search means which state are you from, which district are you from and which training do you want.

4- Then go to find now. Result will come in front of you.