What is E-Commerce and Its Benefits ई-कॉमर्स क्या हैं

Advantages and Disadvantages for E-Commerce-

What is E-Commerce and Its BenefitsE-Commerce and Its Benefits-Through any e-commerce, any company can explain its product in detail; we can buy any product by sitting in front of the computer through the internet. “E-commerce is the convenience of conducting business commercial communications and management through electronic methods such as EDI (electronic data inter change) and automated data collection. E-commerce is the technology to sell and buy products on the Internet and to provide services through trade and consumer.

E-Commerce and Its Benefits,What is ECommerce

  • E-commerce is also widely known as electronic commerce. E-commerce is made up of shopping, selling, marketing, and service of products etc. These services are also done on computer network.
  • There is a business to do business through e-commerce computers. Business related files can be sent from one place to another via computer network.

Types of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is of several types, some common types are as follows-

Business to Business or B2B- A major company in such e-commerce buys or sells its product to another major company.

Business to Consumer or B2C- A Company in such e-commerce reaches its product consumer, such as you take the example of a software company adobe that reaches its software, such as Photoshop consumer.

Consumer to Consumer or C2C- This product goes from consumer to consumer, its main example is OLX or quicker.

Consumer to Business or C2B- goes to the product consumer from a company.

Different Parts of E-Commerce or Shopping Websites-

There are many parts of any e-commerce website, as some names are as follows:-

Buyers- The people who buy things like you and I buy anything from any website, we are a buyer on that website, only for e-commerce or online shopping websites buyers.

Sellers- sellers are those people who sell their shops on the online shopping website i.e. sells these goods, online sellers, anybody can buy a product to become a seller.

Advantages from E-Commerce-

  • Because of e-commerce, we do not need to go anywhere in the market or in the crowd to buy our product. We can only ask for our own stuff while sitting at home.
  • Creates a win-win Situation of E-commerce i.e., it benefits equally to both business and consumer.
  • Through e-commerce, we can sell our goods all over the world or purchase the product of it and its distribution will not be limited to one market only.
  • In E-commerce, you can always use credit and debit car to pay hard money to pay hard cash.
  • E-commerce websites are also commented about products, so that we can know the opinion of the people about that product. Also, we can easily compare many products easily online.

Disadvantages from E-Commerce-

  • You need to be aware of the Internet to shop on these.
  • Many Fake Websites are also coming up on the internet today so always have to know a bit about the website before shopping.
  • New websites and new sellers cannot be trusted also if someone wants to make an e-commerce website, as sellers then we need a lot of money in it.