Which Stream is Best After 10th class – Science, Commerce and Arts

Which stream is better to Choose

which-stream-is-better-to-choose-jobisearchWhen children pass their 10th class, after that they are confused to select stream. When they complete 10th class they are worried about their future. They cannot understand which subjects they choose after 10th class. If we talk with our friends and relatives about this topic then they give their different advice. Their advice will not work if we are not interest in that subject.

After 10th class students thought that which stream they choose in Arts, Science and Commerce. From this all students career will be start. In that time if student get guidance from some experienced person than they will reach their goal easily. Some parents insist their children to learn. If they want to become their children then they force them to become doctor whether their children are interested or not to become a doctor.

Some students finished their interest and follow their parents dream. Some students choose those streams which their friends choose. If you want to do something in your future, then don’t follow your parent’s choice and don’t choose your friends choice, select that stream in which you are interested.

You cannot fulfill on your goal if you select stream according to your family or friends. Our career starts after 10th class, so we have to choose those streams in which we are interested. If your family did not happy for selecting your stream then tell about them about your goal, interest and your hobby. Tell them that you can do many things if you select this stream.

Science Stream

If you dream is becoming Doctor or Engineer then choose science stream. In science stream there are 2 options, first Biology and second Math. If you want to become your career in medical line then select Biology and if you want to make your career in technical line then select Math. Don’t thought that in which field more options are required for job. Only remember that in which subject you are interested. If you select that stream in which you are interested that you will surely success on your dream.

Commerce Stream

If you are interested to make career in accounting, banking or finance field then choose commerce stream. This stream is good for you. In this stream you will study accounts, economics and other subjects. In these subjects there are so many scopes in future. After completing 12th class from commerce stream you will do so many professional courses like BBA, BCA and MBA. If you want to do your own business then you will also select commerce stream.

Arts Stream

Many students or people did not like arts stream or thought that in this stream they cannot get job easily. But it is not right. If you want to go in civil services or you like history, geography, politics and other subjects which are in arts stream then choose arts stream.

Question Answer Related to Subject Stream

Question 1- How we can select best stream?

Answer- All streams are best in their field. Select those streams in which you are interested.

Question 2- If we want to become doctor and engineer then which stream we select?

Answer- If you want to become doctor and engineer then choose Science stream.

Question 3- If we want to become CA then which stream is best for us?

Answer- If you want to become CA then choose commerce stream.

Question 4- If we want to do job in civil services then which side is best?

Answer- If you want to do job in civil services then choose Arts stream.