Career in IAS field scope and opportunity-How to become an IAS officer

Preparation for IAS exam-

This exam is known as IAS exam but officially it is called the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). It is the dream of many students who passed the civil service examination conducted by the UPSC and take his fantastic goal.

IAS is The Indian Administrative Service is a career that cannot be compared to other jobs or services. The post of an IAS officer is a very respectable post. 

Time Required-

  • For good preparation 10 to 12 months is must.
  • Four out of every ten Indians (21­-32 years) aspire to become an IAS officer.

Eligibility for IAS examination-

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Education
  • Number of attempt

Simple preparation tips for IAS exam –

See the previous year’s question papers– It is the most important part of your preparation to give your time go through the previous year question paper. To solve the last 2 to 3 years question papers.

Selection of most important books– Collect the various types of books on different topics and select the most important books for study.

Make short notes– Making short notes have always been a smart tip to study. Making short notes is help to revision quickly and fast.

Focus on time management– In any field, even if a government job for his preparation time management is necessary. Time management is useful before   the examination and during the examination.

Practice to reasoning type question – A complete section is reasoning question. If you are a good practice for reasoning so you must be able to get good marks in reasoning.

Some important topic is increase your score-
  • Focus on ancient history.
  • Focus on Indian independence moment.
  • Focus on Economic basic and fundamental concepts.
  • Focus on easy question first.
  • Do not waste your time on difficult question.

If you want to become a successful IAS officer these are some easy and simple tips is help to get your dream.