How to Become a Civil Engineer Career and Education Information

How to Become a Civil Engineer Career Opportunity

How to Become a Civil Engineer Career and Education InformationHow to become a Civil Engineer skill Jobs Career- Civil Engineering is one of the old engineering disciplines and is responsible for maintaining the society’s infrastructure. Civil Engineers ensure safe, construction, operation and maintenance, due to the duties of roads, bridges, buildings and dams etc. Special engineering and skill are required in civil engineering. Career options in the field of civil engineers and salary of Civil Engineer what are the courses available for this? All this information is given here.

How to Become a Civil Engineer Career and Education Information-

What is civil engineering-

whenever the government makes a plan, then the Civil Engineer first acts from planning, designing and creative work of that plan and preparing research and solutions. Civil engineers have a very important role in making plans successful.

Educational Qualification-

Junior Civil Engineer-

You have to do a diploma course to become Junior Civil Engineer. It is compulsory to pass subjects such as Class 10th Physics, Chemistry, Maths etc. And the duration of the diploma course is of 3 years.

Senior civil engineer-

Senior Civil Engineer candidate after passing in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths in Class XII B.E. in Civil Engineering field or it is mandatory to take a B.Tech course and this course is of 4 years.

Civil engineer Work

  • Civil engineers provide a size for large-scale construction projects through design and project management.
  • Bridges, dams, roads, buildings and airports, all include the work of civil engineers.
  • Their roles can include planning data analysis, cost estimation, material testing and soil analysis.

Types of engineers

There are many types of engineers in the field:-

  • Junior / Senior Civil Engineer
  • Electric engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Automobile engineer
  • agricultural engineer

Civil Engineer Course

The civil engineering course is as follows-

  • Diploma in civil engineering
  • Tech in civil engineering
  • E. in civil engineering
  • Tech in civil engineering
  • E. in civil engineering
  • D. in civil engineering
  • Certificate in building design
  • Infrastructure project management
  • Postgraduate in civil engineering
  • Graduation in civil engineering

Employment Opportunities-

  • There are many job opportunities in the civil engineering field.
  • There is a great job opportunity for civil engineering in both government jobs and private job fields.
  • A civil engineer can get employment in State and Central Government Public Works Department and Construction Project of the Military and Railway.
  • Civil engineering can also work as a project engineer in private construction company.

Salary of civil engineer- Civil engineers pay approximately between Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.