How to Become a Fashion Designer- Career and Opportunity

Fashion Designer Education Requirements

fashion-designer-education-requirements-jobisearchNowadays everyone wants to make career in fashion. Many changes are occurring in fashion field and now there are many demands in fashion field. At the present time fashion designer course is considered to be most glamorous profession. That’s why many people make their career in fashion field.

Fashion designing is art in which with the help of dress and accessories we can change our life style. If you want to become a fashion designer they you have to choose best college as well as you have to follow fashion expert advised also.  There are two prime departments in modern fashion. First, design the clothes and second, ready to wear means ready dress. In both departments we have to firstly use designing.

Qualities of a Good Fashion Designer

Nowadays fashion trends are changing very fast, so people have to know all the information about fashion if they want to become their future in fashion field. If you want to become a fashion designer then you have creativity and qualification in fashion or art course.

For this course you have creativity and good communication skills. In this field you have to know fabric and accessories. Fashion designers have to know all about fashion trends and capacity to analysis the fashion which is in trend.

Educational Qualifications for becoming Fashion Designer

If you want to make your career in fashion field then you have to complete your 12th class, after that you will get admission in any recognized fashion designing institute. It is important to get degree or certificate in fashion designing course. You can do this course according to your choice, full time or part time.

Courses for Becoming Fashion Designer

  1. design course
  • B.A (Honors) fashion designing
  • Post graduate diploma in fashion designing
  • Lifestyle business management
  • Fashion and textile design
  • Master of business administration in fashion technology,
  • Master in fashion technology
  • Diploma in fashion technology
How to Become a Good Fashion Designer

We can easily make our career in fashion field. It is so easy but you have to know all information about fashion. You will get so many option options to make career in this field.  If you want to make career in this field then you have try to get job in design wear production, fashion marketing, quality control etc.

Salary of Fashion Designer

If you want to make career in fashion field than you will do job in fashion places as fresher. At this place you will get 15000 to 20000 rupees per month at starting. If you are talented and hard worker then your experience will be increase after that your salary also increased. In few years your salary will be approx. 50,000 rupees. If you work will be good then so many companies give you job offers.

Best College for Fashion Designing Course

  • National Institute of Technology- New Delhi
  • National Institute of Designing- Ahmedabad
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion- New Delhi
  • School of Fashion Technology- Pune
  • National Institute of Fashion Designing- Chandigarh

Question Answer Related to Fashion Designing

Question 1- What is Fashion Designing?

Answer- Fashion designing is a form of applied arts which glow our garments, accessories and lifestyle.

Question 2- What are the educational required for becoming fashion designer?

Answer- You has to complete your 12th class after that degree or certificate of fashion designing is must important.

Question 3- In which field we get job after completing fashion designing?

Answer- You will get job in design wear production, fashion marketing, quality control etc. after completing fashion designing course.

Question 4- Which courses are related to fashion designing?

Answer- There is so many courses related to fashion designing like- B. designer courses, B.A (Honors) fashion designing, Post graduate diploma in fashion designing, Lifestyle business management etc.

Question 5- Which qualities are in a fashion designer?

Answer- In fashion designer they have creativity and good communication skills.