How to become a Junior Engineer in India Career Details

How to become a Junior Engineer in India Career Details

How to become a Junior Engineer How to become a junior engineer- An engineer applies the principles and the principles of physics to design and develop economically viable and easily executable products and solutions for technical issues in their area. To achieve success in this field, there should be discipline, patience, commitment and confidence in the person. If you have all these qualities, it is very important to refine your skills in highly rated competitive examinations. To become an engineer, candidates have to follow the associated steps and equality of understanding of engineering courses is very important.

Who is the Junior Engineer-

Regarding creating and designing, designing and making plans for public works and projects including residential and industrial development projects, they are called JE (Junior Engineer).

How to become a Junior Engineer,Eligibility Criteria-

To become a junior engineer, there are two options for graduation-

  • Diploma in diploma or polytechnic engineering after 10th can be obtained from any trade received diploma.
  • For engineering after 10 + 2 degree, degree can take admission in engineering college.

What to do to become a Junior Engineer job-

After diploma in diploma or polytechnic engineering after 10th any trade with diploma obtained:-

  • Interested candidates can get admission in Diploma College as per their post after passing the entrance examination conducted by various State Governments and Technical Education Board.
  • After completing these three years of diploma course, diploma engineers can work at the junior engineer level or it is very important to have competition in order to get admission in the second year of the degree in engineering course.
  • AMIE- Formal Engineering Education Program, which is recognized by the Government for the degree of Engineering by the Union Public Service Commission, State Governments and public / private sector organizations.

For junior engineer, after 10 + 2 degree, admission in Engineering College-

  • To graduate in the engineering course, the graduate should have passed from 12th class non-medical stream with physics, chemistry and mathematics as main subjects with at least 60% marks from PCM.
  • Candidates can take examination from various State Universities for admission conducted by AIEEE and independent body and Central Government Organizations. According to his qualification in the entrance examination, the candidate can get admission in the college for a 4 year degree program.
  • After successful completion of degree course and after the necessary internship, candidates can work in government, semi government or private sector as assistant engineer.
  • Degree engineer M.E. And PHD Can study as high.

How to become a Junior Engineer,Career Options

The possibility of career in Junior Engineer (JE) is as follows:

  • Je / AE
  • SDE / AEE
  • XEN / SE
  • Superintending Engineer
  • Sub Divisional Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer (Executive)
  • Chief Engineer (Top Most Post)
  • Junior Engineer (Diploma Engineer)

JE Work-

  • A newly recruited junior engineer is charged with a section of the allocated governmental organizations and they will be responsible for the various tasks given in their respective departments.
  • In these works the supervision of the daily work done by the laborers firstly is to allow allocation of work and planning of supervision for the next day.


  • Engineer salary in the private sector start from around 15,000 to 20,000 in the beginning and also increase with experience.
  • In addition to the appropriate facilities, they are given other allowances and compensation, besides the medical facilities as well as the dependents of their family members LTC.