How to become a Software Architect in India Career Details

How to become a Software Architect in India Career Details-

How to become a Software Architect in India Career DetailsHow to become a software architect Role, Skills and Duties-To become a Software Architects, it is necessary to have a good understanding of business and technology as it has to draw not only the template of Software Architect, but also to make changes in the model according to the needs of the company and the client. Apart from this, training of custom operators is also considered necessary for the success of the new system. It is important for a software architect to have good prospects. If you have the ability to do your work efficiently then you can soon climb up success steps.

How to become a Software Architect,Eligibility Criteria-

  • To become a software architect, qualify 12th standard of education with recognized board.
  • After this, complete the graduation course in computer science or software engineering.
  • It is necessary to have BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech with IT.
  • Apart from this, candidates who have MBA with special qualifications in IT systems can also try their luck in this field.


  • The work of Software Architects is to design a design as well as planning for a building or structure.
  • According to the budget of the architect client, specializes in planning the construction.

Career Opportunitiesies –

  • Candidate as a Software Architect can find opportunities in any company of government or private sector related to computer, IT and software industry.
  • If the candidate has a professional experience in software design and analysis then a better opportunity can be found.
  • Architect, software institute, IT industry as well as computer coaching center can get employment. Due to the demand of growing software programs in the areas that include applications and mobile devices, there are many options in front of Software Architect.
  • It is very important to have the Candidate creativity, Customer service skills and ability to solve problems in this field.
  • Higher education also offers additional benefits in the field of computer software. This is an area where salaries are very good.
  • Students, who hold well in Physics and Math, can work better in this field. The specialty is that it is very important for students to be interested in scratches and designs.
  • An architect should have a good communication skills as well as the ability to work on desk and site.

Difference between software architect and software engineer-

  • Software Architect and Software Engineer are both professionals, as well as software programming in the same area.
  • Though they work in the same area, the job profiles of both of them differ in many ways.
  • The work of designing, coding and software for different tasks under the work area of software engineers is the work of software.
  • While the software designs the entire development of software for the architect, but does not include coding in their workspace.
  • Software architect understands their requirements by talking to their clients, as well as the software engineer work is considered to follow the instruction of SA.


  • The salary of a Software Architect can be between rs.15, 000 to rs. 20,000 but it also increases as per the eligibility.
  • After two to four years of experience your monthly salary can be more than rs.30000.