How to become career in merchant navy scope and opportunity

What Is Merchant Navy

What Is Merchant Navy jobisearchMerchant Navy or naval engineering is originally called merchant Armada. In merchant armada the marine passenger ships, cargo ships, oil tankers.

This field is exciting and full of adventure.

Education Qualification Career in Merchant Navy-

Job in merchant navy education qualification is 10th to .

Age Limitation of Merchant Navy

The merchant navy age limit is general category 20 years and age to 25 years for SC and ST.

Course Option in Merchant Navy

There is different type of course make career in merchant navy.

After 1oth Pass Course-

  • Personnel for pre-sea training, (4 months)
  • Deck rating, (3 months)
  • Engine ratings, (3 months)
  • Salon ratings have course (4 months)

After 12th Pass Course-

  • Nautical Science (3 years)
  • Marine engineering (4 years)
  • Graduate of Mechanical Engineers, the course now. (1 year)
Institute of Merchant Navy Course-
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Marine Time Advance Studies and Research, Mumbai
  • Training Ship Chanakya, Navi Mumbai
  • Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  • Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata
Different Post of Merchant Navy
  • Deck Department
  • Vice-captain
  • Assistant captain
  • Third Mate
  • The pilot of the ship
  • Engine department
  • Ship Engineer
  • Electrical Officer
  • Nautical Surveyor
  • Radio Officer

Salary of Merchant Navy

In merchant navy or shipping company salary is 30 to 40 thousand in every month.

Question1. What is merchant navy?

Answer. Merchant Navy or naval engineering is called originally Armada.

Question2. What is education qualification of merchant navy?

Answer. The education qualification of merchant navy is 10th to

Question 3. What are the courses of merchant navy?

Answer. Merchant Navy can do after 10th the pre-sea training and the 12th Personnel Nautical Science and Marine Engineering course.

Question 4. How is important institute of merchant navy course?

Answer. The important institute of merchant navy course is Lal Bahadur Shastri College, Training Ship Chanakya, Navi Mumbai.

Question 5. How much pay scale in the Merchant Navy?

Answer. The pay scale of merchant navy is 30 to 40 thousand in every month.