How to do best preparation for IIT examination and get success

What is IIT Indian Institute of Technology

what-is-iit-indian-institute-of-technology-jobisearchAfter completing the intermediate, students start filling the form of IIT. Many students like to go on the field of B.Tech. It is seen that B.Tech is the first choice of many students. B.Tech is very difficult field. For getting the admission in B.Tech field students have to do hard work. First you have to pass IIT and there are so many things tell to you which can help you in the preparation of IIT exam.

 The full form of IIT is Indian Institute of Technology. IIT JEE is the way to get admission in graduation level. In this question related to math, physics and chemistry are come. This is very difficult exam. For the preparation of this exam there are so many institutes in India. After passing the IIT exam you will get admission in B.Tech. There are 32 boards and their method of marking and examination are different.

Educational qualification for IIT

For taking admission in IIT students have to pass 12th class with science stream and 60% marks is compulsory.

Top 10 IIT institute of India

  • IIT (BHU), Varanasi
  • IIT Bhubaneswar
  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Gandhi Nagar
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Indore
  • IIT Jodhpur
  • IIT Kanpur

How to do preparation for IIT exam

Planning is the most important part of everything. If you do good planning then you can always success in every field even in IIT exam. You have to focus on only in reading and understanding. You have to read whole chapter very clearly. There are some tips given to you for the preparation of IIT exam.

Take coaching classes

Coaching classes is very useful for IIT exam. If you take coaching with best institute then it will be very helpful for you. Always keep in touch with the students of your coaching classes and discuss them the thing you read and clear the doubt. This will help you so much and also keep in touch with the teacher of coaching. When you can’t solve the problem then you can easily ask your teacher and solve it.

Time-management is very important

In every exam time-management is very important to everyone. Time-management has very important role in every exam. If your time-management is not good then this will make a cause for your failure. That is why time-manage is very important. Try to reach on the exam hall 15 minute before.

Take the help of last few year papers

This is the best way to get success in exam because old exam papers help you to prepare the exam. You can take help of internet also for getting the last few year exam papers. You can also take the help of your senior. Those relative who give the IIT exam before take help of them also.

All these tips are very helpful in getting the success in IIT exam. If you prepare by all these method then you will success in your exam definitely. Nobody can stop you from getting success in IIT exam.

Question and answer related to IIT exam

Question 1- What is IIT?

Answer- IIT is a way to get admission in the graduation level.

Question 2- Which subject’s questions are come in IIT exam?

Answer- In IIT exam, question related to Math, Physics and chemistry are come.

Question 3- How many percent are required for getting admission in IIT?

Answer– 60% in intermediate is required for getting admission in IIT.

Question 4- What to do for getting admission in IIT?

Answer- For getting admission in IIT you have to do hard work, focus on time-management and if possible then take help of old exam paper.

Question 5 What is the full form of IIT?

Answer- The full form of IIT is Indian Institute of India.

Question 6- Which students can do IIT?

Answer- Students of science side can give IIT exam only.

Question 7- Which entrance exam is given for B.Tech?

Answer- For taking admission in B.Tech you have to pass IIT exam.