How to do preparation for joining Indian Army easy tips

Some easy tips for joining Indian army

some-easy-tips-for-joining-indian-army-jobiearchNowadays many people love to go Indian army. Many people has dream of Indian army. There are so many peoples who only watch the nightmare of Indian army. It is not an easy task to join Indian army. Indian army wants hard work and diligence.

Many people try too much but they can’t get success after doing so much preparation.  Every year million people apply for Indian army in which some people get success and some people do not. Here you will know the tips for preparation of joining Indian army.

Preparation for screening test

This exam has two parts. First part is written exam. In this exam some questions are given to you. You have to give answer of these questions. These questions are logical as well as illogical. These questions are very easy and you can prepare these types of questions by reading some knowledgeable books. When you are going to prepare for army, buy the book of army and read it very carefully. This will help you to join Indian army.

In the second part of this exam, a film will show to you and you have to give your best thought for this picture. You have to write some best things about the images which you seen in the picture and you have to tell about this picture for 1 minute. Keep in mind that you have to talk clear in front of everyone and do not speak with lying eyes. This will show that you have confidence. If you speak with full confidence then you will pass your first exam approximately.

Preparation for physical and medical test

Indian army must take physical and medical test of the candidates. This is the most important test for Indian army. This is different from every state. Height of candidates should have 157.5 cm. Weight should have more than 50Kg. Chest of candidates should fully develop. Minimum chest of the candidate should more than 77cm after expansion. Eyes should be 6/6.

Candidate must have to run 2.5Km in 15 minutes. You must have to pass this exam. You have to do hard work. Eat nutritious food. Do exercise daily and live disciplined life. After physical test you have to give medical test. In this test, they see that you have any disease or not.

Preparation for written exam

After these exams you have to give written exam. In this exam question of general knowledge, social science and math are given. 30% question of general knowledge, 40% question of social science and 30% question of math are given to you.

For the preparation of written exam, there are so many books are available in market. Short form, sports, national and international question, price related questions are come in general knowledge. Including this question related to other books and writers, plants and animal, languages and national and international days are also come. In general knowledge human body, medical and scientific research related question also come. In math question are come from algebra, arithmetic and geometric.

Preparation for interview

When you clear all the stage of army exam then you have to give an interview. Interview is the last stage in army selection. If you pass your interview then you will selected in Indian army. In interview question related to your daily life will asked. Like about your state, how do you serve your country etc. different kind of question will be asked to you. If you pass your interview then you will selected in army.