How to Get Aadhaar card easily by UID and EID

Easy ways to Get Aadhaar card

easy-ways-to-get-aadhaar-card-jobisearchIt is very necessary to have voter ID card, Aadhaar card and birth certificate of every Indian. All these documents are provided by Indian government. This is not only the proof of Indian for living in India rather it is also used in many ways by every citizen.

Like if you want to buy SIM card or want to open account in bank then this voter ID card, Aadhaar card and birth certificate is necessary. If you want to download Aadhaar card then here some tips are given to you.

Get Aadhar card by easy way

 Aadhaar card is very necessary for every citizen of India. We can download aadhar by two ways. These two ways are-

  • By UID
  • By EID

Download Aadhaar card by UID

By getting Aadhaar card from UID, the 12 digit number which is called UID (Unique ID) is used. For this your mobile should linked with Aadhaar card. If your mobile number does not link your Aadhaar card then you cannot use your UID.

If you know you UID means Aadhar number and your aadhaar card is linked with your mobile number then you can get your aadhaar card.

1- Go to the website of aadhaar card and choose point of Aadhaar which is in front of “I have”.

2- Then fill the form.

3- At the top fill your aadhar card number. Fill your form correctly. The select “Get One Time Password”.

4- Then Website will show you the last 4 digit of your number that you can check the number. If you have same number then select “Confirm”.

5- Now a message will come on your mobile. Fill the OTP from that message.

6- Select “Validate” option.

7- Your Aadhaar card will be ok.

Download Aadhaar card from EID

EID is also known as Enrollment ID. This ID is written on our enrollment form. Enrollment form is that form which is given after making Aadhaar card. Date and time is also written on EID.

1- First of all go to the website of Aadhaar card.

2- Fill the form.

3- Choose point of Enrollment ID in front of “I have”.

4- Then fill all the information by seeing the enrollment form.

5- Now fill the mobile number of any member of your family. Mobile is very necessary while you downloading the Aadhaar card because a message will come in your mobile. One mobile number can get Aadhaar card 5-6 times.

6- After entering the mobile number, click on “Get One Time Password”. Under 2-3 minute a message will come on your mobile. This message shows you an OTP. Write this number on Enter OTP.

7- Click on Validate  option. If all information is correct then your aadhaar card will download after clicking on this option.

8- When you are going to open your Aadhaar card then it will ask you for password. In this enter that PIN code which was you written on the form in the place of PIN code.

Question and answer related to getting Aadhaar card

Question 1- Can Aadhaar card getting?

Answer- Yes, Aadhaar card can download.

Question 2- What is the way for getting Aadhaar card?

Answer- You can get Aadhaar card by EID and UID.

Question 3- Is it necessary to have mobile number while getting Aadhaar card?

Answer- Yes, it is necessary to have mobile number while getting Aadhaar card.

Question 4- How many times can get Aadhaar card by one mobile number?

Answer- You can get Aadhaar card 4-5 times by one mobile number.