How to improve handwriting for getting good marks in exam

Easy tips for improving handwriting

easy-tips-for-improving-handwriting-jobisearchSome people are much tensed with their handwriting. Parents find many ways to improve their children’s handwriting. It is said that your hand writing tells that how good you are in studies. But there are so many people who are tensed with their handwriting. Everyone wants that their handwriting will very good and attractive. But now you don’t have to worry about handwriting. Here some tips are given to you for improving the handwriting.

Practice with alphabet

Let’s start with alphabet. See how to write the alphabet. Try to write the alphabet in right size and in right shape. If your words are going aslant then try to write them straight. Try to learn from your mistake. Do not do that mistake again.

Write a paragraph daily

Best way to improve your handwriting, choose a subject and write a paragraph daily. Take your book and newspaper and write paragraph from them. Books and newspaper have very difficult word which will help you to improve your handwriting.

See the distance between words and alphabet

In the starting do not think to fill the copies. Focus on your handwriting. Always see the distance between words and alphabet. Distance will make your handwriting beautiful. Try to write clear words.

Look other’s handwriting for inspiration

Many times you are in confusion that which type of writing you write, which writing is good or which is bad. If you don’t understand which type of writing should you write then see the writing of that person whose writing is beautiful like your friend, parent etc. Try to copy their writing.

Some things to remember

1- When you are going to write at that time do not try to write forcefully. This will make your handwriting bad.

2- Try to write slowly in starting. Write alphabet in right way.

3- Do not write very fast. Try to write clear and beautifully.

4- Write alphabet under the line.

5- Alphabet should be equal. Choose the right things which are required for writing.