How to Prepare Exam Notes – 03 Best Tips for making a Notes

How to Prepare Notes –

how to prepare notes jobisearch comWe should keep in mind while formulating notes that notes are not much older. The curriculum or syllabus is difficult for students to remember, Notes that these require the students at exam time. Reads to the students could better prepare for your exams and get good marks in class.

Good notes are essential. Students first read the entire syllabus once, after that the hard topics to prepare your short notes. In the fall, students will also enjoy short notes and without any stress at exam time can prepare well.

Best Tips to make Notes –

Short Notes – The student can read his entire syllabus to prepare shorts notes. At exam time, the students had made the shorts notes can easily prepare for the reading exam.

This has two benefits to students from the tips –

  • At the time of the exam so they can do their best to save the time.
  • Student’s confidence grows by the shorts notes and test preparation to the exam time can without any stress.

Using the Chart Pattern –

Along with the student shorts notes use the chart on the chart helps the exam time.  There are some topics. Who have difficulties in remembering. Topics the student should create a chart in which it is easy to understand topics. Students should create a chart on these topics then topics he could easily understand. This problem occurs more than half of the students. They do not remember the mathematical formulas, Thereby not being able to get good marks in maths.

So the percentage drops. The entire students math’s formula by typing in a chart and paste your study room. And that it should focus Daily Chart students can easily remember the formula and have good marks in exams. This chart pattern and illustration of exam preparation can be made by notes. We can use the chart on any topic Such as science, history, math’s etc. These exam preparation tips can prove to be a great.

PQRST Pattern – PQRST pattern is the best way to prepare for the exam, which means a cursory glance at the subject before reading. Then prepare question related to that topic.

Then the subject of questions to prepare carefully extracted reading. Then ready answers and self – Recitation finally remembered to take the test subject itself. This pattern most interesting and students studying the subject for a long time is helpful to remember.

Important of Notes –

Whether we talk of school students or college students say. Notes require all area students. Notes in student life are very important. The student then has to require notes. When preparing for exams in her class is any competition test preparation. Reading by making notes in class, the student is more likely to get good marks.

  • Making notes while studying the competitive exams
  • Notes save time during the exam revision.
  • We make written notes of your hands So long as we forget about the things which are written.

Some question and their answer related to the Notes-

Question – How to make good notes?

Answer – Once the topic thoroughly before making notes to be read and important facts should be written in notes copy.

Question – What to keep in mind when creates the notes.

Answer – When creating the notes it should be remembered that the notes are not much bigger.

Question – What are the advantages of making notes?

Answer – Read notes from long-term memory remains and Notes save time during the exam revision.