How to prepare for UPSC CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam

How to do preparation for UPSC CDS exam

how-to-do-preparation-for-upsc-cds-exam-jobisearchDo you know about UPSC CDS exam? There are few people who know about the UPSC CDS exam. Many students apply for this exam every year but some students do not get success. Here some tips are given to you for getting success in UPSC CDS exam. Here you will know that how to pass the UPSC CDS exam. After passing the UPSC CDS exam you will get job in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Qualification for CDS exam

For applying in CDS exam candidate have to pass graduation from registered university. Bachelor degree is necessary for Navy and engineering and for Air Force Academy students have to take math and physics in 12th class and pass graduation.

Exam pattern of CDS

  • Objective questions are come in CDS exam and negative marking is done.
  • English and Mathematics are the important subjects for this exam.
  • Written exam are done in three stages. First paper is English, second is general knowledge and third is elementary mathematics.
  • Every paper is of two hours and every paper contains 100 marks. In other word we can say that three papers of 300 marks are takes 6 hours. After passing the written exam intelligence and personality test should be taken.

Understand the exam pattern

In every exam it is very necessary to understand the exam pattern. Before doing the preparation of exam you should know the exam pattern and syllabus. Every exam has its own exam pattern. You have to prepare according to your exam pattern.

Make a study plan

If you are going to do preparation of your exam then make study plan before that. Make study plan like how to prepare for exam, time of study etc. This will help you in exam. Every exam has its own pattern. Like total number of questions, total number of parts, exam period etc. That is why before starting the preparation of exam make study plan. You can prepare for CDS exam perfectly.

Time management is important

Time management is very important during exam. If you want success in exam then first of all fix the time for a particular subject. Give more time to that subject which is difficult for you.

Be relax while study

When you sit for the study at that time do not study continuously. Take break while doing study. If you do any work continuously then this will tired you. That is why take a short break while doing study. Normally you should take break of 30-40 minutes. And the most important thing is that you have to choose secluded place for study.

Solve the old exam paper

If you want to get success in UPSC CDS exam then you have to solve the exam paper of last few years. Do not forget to solve the exam paper of earlier years. If you solve the exam paper of last few years then this will help you in understanding the exam pattern of UPSC CDS exam.