What is B.C.A and what is the scope of career in B.C.A field

Career and opportunity after doing BCA

career-and-opportunity-after-doing-bca-jobisearchB.C.A. means Bachelor of computer application. After doing B.C.A. there are so many options of career. This is a course which can be done after 12th class easily but students have to pass 12th class with P.CM. Many universities allowed for doing B.C.A if you pass 12th class with any subject. B.C.A is three years degree course. If you want to make career in the field of internet then B.C.A is a good option.

Education qualification of B.C.A

For doing the course of B.C.A students have to pass 12th class. Some colleges allowed students to take B.C.A only after passing 12th class with math and other colleges give admission after doing 12th with any stream.

Subjects for B.C.A course

In B.C.A you have to read all the subjects related to computer. In B.C.A there are total 6 semesters. In which you have to take subjects like basic computer, accounting, data base, programming, networking and web development.

Job opportunity after B.C.A

If you want to do job after B.C.A then there are many options. If you have good command in one subject after doing B.C.A then you can get job in any IT Company easily.

Salary after doing B.C.A course

After completing the B.C.A course if you do job in any IT company then you can get a good salary. In this field you can get 25-30 thousand per month in starting.

Question and answer related to B.C.A course

Question 1- What is the full form of B.C.A?

Answer- The full form of B.C.A is Bachelor of Computer Application.

Question 2- How many subjects under B.C.A?

Answer- In B.C.A course there are subjects like basic computer, accounting, data base, programming, networking and web development.

Question 3- What is the minimum education qualification for B.C.A course?

Answer- Students have to pass 12th class with math subject for doing B.C.A course.

Question 4- What is the job opportunity after B.C.A?

Answer- You can try in IT Company after doing B.C.A course.

Question 5- How many semester in B.C.A?

Answer- There are total 6 semesters in B.C.A.