What is BTC and What are the Opportunity After completing BTC

Full Details of Basic Training Certificate (BTC)

If we talk about BTC then BTC is course related to education. Many people do BTC but what is BTC, what are the benefits of BTC, what are the opportunities after doing BTC.

This information is known by only few people. Maximum people did not know about BTC full details.


If you are doing BTC then you have to know all about BTC. If you are planning to doing BTC then get all details about BTC.

What is BTC and How to do BTC

We all know that it is very difficult to teach little children. For teaching primary section student we have to do so many hard works for teaching primary section.

That’s why government has released so many courses for becoming primary teacher. BTC is one of those courses. In BTC you have to train for teaching primary students. Ways to teach primary students, latest method for teaching primary students and all about teaching primary students. All training is given in BTC course. After completing BTC course you will become teacher.

Opportunities after Completing BTC

If you want to become a teacher then BTC gives you so many job opportunities for becoming teacher. After completing BTC you will became a teacher. You can teach students in any primary school and in this field your salary will also be good. Salary of primary school teacher is approx. 19,500 rupees. After so many times in teaching field your salary will be increase according to your work.

Educational Qualification for Doing BTC

BTC certificate course is done by any student who complete 12th class but for doing BTC another things also be considered.

  • Candidate should be complete 12th class.
  • Candidate should be minimum 21 years for doing BTC.

If you want to become teacher after completing BTC course then know full details of BTC, you can easily know all about BTC from the given details above.

Question Answer Related to BTC

Question1- After completing BTC course what we became?

Answer- If you complete BTC course then you became a primary teacher.

Question2- What is the full name of BTC?

Answer- Full name of BTC is basic training certificate.

Question3- What is the education qualification for doing BTC?

Answer- For doing BTC you have to complete 12th class and your age is minimum 21 years.

Question4- What is the salary of BTC teacher?

Answer- After completing BTC you will get approx. 19,500 rupees per month.

Question5- What is BTC?

Answer- BTC is a training certificate course, after doing this course you will became a teacher in primary school.