Which courses makes you Teacher- Important courses for Becoming Teacher

Which Courses is Important for Becoming Teacher

which-courses-is-important-for-becoming-teacher-jobisearchNowadays many people want to become to become teacher and for completing this dream they do so many hard works. There are so many people who want to know that for becoming teacher which courses they have to do. Here we can tell you that for becoming teacher which courses are important and which course you have to do for becoming teacher. After completing this course you will get job easily as a teacher. Teaching job is a good professional job which is very comfortable job that’s why many people want to become teacher.

Which course we have to study for becoming teacher

there are some many types of courses to become a good teacher.

B.ED (Bachelor of Education)- B.ED course is very popular course. Maximum students do B.ED course for becoming teacher. Firstly this course is for 1 year but in 2015 this course has been increased for 2 years. For doing this course you have to do their entrance exam. For giving this exam you have graduate degree. Every year this entrance exam will be held. If candidate clear B.ED course then they teach primary and high school students.

BTC (Basic Training Certificate)- BTC course is only for Uttar Pradesh candidates. In this exam only this state candidate will do this exam. This course is for 2 years and for doing this course you have to clear their entrance exam. In this exam they provide counseling at the district level. For BTC candidate has graduate degree and there is age limit in this course they take 18-30 years students. After completing BTC course candidate teach primary and upper primary level students.

NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)- NTT course is popular in Metropolis cities, it is 2 year course. In this course they give admission according to 12th class marks and some places they take entrance exam. In exam they ask question answer related to current affairs, General Study, Hindi, Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude and English. After completing NTT course candidate become primary teacher.

BPED (Bachelor in Physical Education)- In physical education people get so many job opportunity as teacher in this field. In this there are two types of courses related to BPED. Which candidate study Physical education in graduate level they will do BPED course with one year. Those students who study physical education in 12th class then they will do 3 year graduate course. In which they take entrance exam in which they test your physical fitness and written exam. When you clear these exams they will take interview which is important to clear.

JBT (Junior Basic Training)- For JBT course you have to pass 12th class. In this course they select candidate from merit list and some take entrance exam. After completing this course candidate become Primary teacher.

DED (Diploma in Education)- This course is 2 year course and this course is for those students who want to become primary teacher in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. In this course they select candidate according to their 12th class marks.

If you want to make career in teaching field then we have given you all course information with this information you will know that which course give job in which field.