Which Exams is Necessary to Become a Teacher- Teacher Exam Details

Important Exam to Become a Teacher

important-exam-to-become-a-teacher-jobisearchIf you want to become teacher then for this you have to do some teaching course as well as you have to pass some exams after that you will become a teacher. Many people know about these exams but someone did not know about this exam they thought that they become teacher after completing course but this is not right. You have to pass some exam after that you will become a teacher. Here we can tell you that which exam you have to pass to become teacher.

Exams which are Important to Pass

some important exam pass to become a good teacher.

TGT and PGT- TGT and PGT exam are held in state level. This exam is popular in Uttar Pradesh and in Delhi. For TGT exam you have Graduate and B.ED degree and for PGT exam you have Post Graduate and B.ED degree.

If candidate pass TGT exams than they become teacher and they will teach 6 class to 10 class students and if candidate pass PGT exam than they teach senior secondary as well as primary students.

TET (Teacher Eligibility Test)- TET test will be organized in many states for B.ED and D.ED students. In some place they will select those people who clear TET exam after B.ED. In this exam those B.ED students also take participate whose result was not come. When you clear TET exam than state government give you certificate for some years and this years is approx. 5 to 7 years and in this period candidate apply for teaching job or recruitment.

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test)- If you want to become teacher in those schools which are comes under Delhi, central school, Tibetan school and Navodaya Vidyalaya then you have to clear CTETexam. This exam is held by CBSE. For this exam you have Graduate and B.ED degree and for clear this exam candidates have to get 60% marks. When they clear this exam they get certificate which is valid for 7 years.

UGC Net- If you want to get lecturer job in college then you have to pass UGC Net exam. This exam will be held in 2 times in 1 year, December and in June. There are three exams in NET. In first they asked questions from General Knowledge, Teaching Aptitude and reasoning. In second and third exam they will ask question from your selecting subjects.

If you pass or clear in above any one exam then you will get your favorite teaching job. If you clear any one exam they you have so many teaching job opportunity and you will get teaching job easily.